Monday 12 August 2013

Crocus Transported to a New Home for the Winter

I was up bright and early this morning as the crane was booked for nine o’clock and I had loads to do beforehand.  Crocus is off to a workshop where Roger, his daughter Nicki and the team from the Cornish Wooden Boat Company can work on her and make her fit to sail. 

Roger and co arrived before eight and prepped her then while they waited they began stripping the old trackmark decking off her.  This showed up a few problem places on the deck but I have every faith in them that they’ll get her sorted.

The transporter arrived and so began the delicate job of lifting and settling her on the flatbed trailer …



Roger and the chaps had left and were at the shed getting it ready to receive her but Nicki stayed and travelled with her …


It was then just a case of reversing out from the harbour, the driver nipping over to the pasty shop to collect some sustenance and then they were off …


I received a text later to say that she was safely tucked up inside the workshop.

Now the expensive bit begins!!

Crocus has her own Blog.  If you want to follow her progress then check her out here.  As you’ll see she hasn’t been worked on for several years which has been due to Mike’s health.  He has finally accepted that he’s unable to finish her which is why she’s been moved today.

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