Saturday 8 October 2011

Crane Day

It’s that time of the year again – craning out day.  It’s very cold and a bit windy but the crane driver was happy to go ahead and lift the boats out.  All the boats in the outer harbour came out and a few of the ones from the inner harbour.  Several boats remained in the water in the hopes that we may get some nice autumnal weather and we had a visitor in the harbour - a cormorant.


Friday 7 October 2011

Godolphin House

There’s one particular property that Jo really wanted to visit and I must admit I was pretty keen too.  Godolphin House is only open to the public for three weeks a year and today was the last day for 2011.  We arrived, parked and made our way to reception. 


After collecting our entrance tickets we walked to the house and began the tour.


The first room we entered had a very interesting little hole in the wall …


We made our way into the dining room next to the lovely modern kitchen …


Up some stairs to a bedroom and bathroom.  To the left of the basin are some steps which lead you down to the bath!  A very clever use of space.


This led us into a sitting room where a volunteer was very keen to impart every bit of his knowledge! 


We then passed through various bedrooms and bathrooms …


We now reached another sitting room with another volunteer to answer any questions.  He explained all about the re-building of the house and how it had so nearly been lost as it was in a dire condition.


More bedrooms …


and into the final room – The Kings Room …


We all loved the house and said how warm and homely it was.  It felt like a family home and not just a showpiece.  We then left the house through the garden, past the poultry and walked to the orchard where we bought a most delicious carrot and coriander soup with granary bread for lunch …


After lunch we walked around the grounds …


We then took a few more photos of the buildings and farm equipment before heading back to the car. 


On the way home we stopped at Morrisons to get some cake and cream as it’s Jo’s birthday today!  Happy Birthday Jo! xx