Sunday 29 May 2011

A Bevy of Bloggers!

It was quite a while ago now that Jo told me that one of our followers, Jordiegirl, had won a holiday in Cornwall and she was hoping to meet up. We were very excited at the prospect of actually meeting a fellow blogger and her family and today it happened! We all met at Treasure Park where after introductions were made we had a wander round and while Jordiegirl and her son went on the 3D ride we sorted out a place for lunch. The original plan had been to eat here at the carvery but unfortunately it has stopped for the summer and so after a few phone calls by Paul we were booked in at the Portreath Arms. With time to spare we had a coffee and a chat before making our way to the pub. Photo time at the table for the bloggers ...

and then one of the visitors ...

After lunch (a very delicious roast and dessert for less than £10) we came home and collected Hamish then went for a walk around the harbour and down to the beach before making our way back to the cars at the Arms. Then it was big hugs and goodbyes from us all and I hope they have a lovely time visiting places in our beautiful county.

Saturday 21 May 2011

Boat Watch

One of the committee members of Portreath Harbour Association has been busy organising a launch of the Boat Watch scheme for Portreath.  At midday today we had a police van arrive and they set up a stand with all the details we needed for joining plus outboard covers, markers and padlocks that we could buy.  There was a steady flow of members and locals arriving and signing up to the scheme as boats are often targeted by thieves who want to earn a quick buck by selling stolen outboards and other fittings.  It was all very interesting and we are now fully signed up members.

P5210005  P5210004

P5210001 P5210003

Tuesday 17 May 2011

Building Progress

The last time I photographed the development in Portreath was at the beginning of February so I wandered along today and took a couple of shots to show how it's progressing. They've built a fence at the back now so I had to take them through the fencing at the front. One house is well on in construction and the one next to it is not so far behind ...

IMG00365-20110516-1116 IMG00364-20110516-1116

Monday 16 May 2011

Seal in the Harbour

The tide was in and I just happened to look out of the window just as a little head popped out of the water!  My first thought was that one of the local lads was swimming but then I realised it was a seal!  He kept disappearing but then bobbed up and down again having a good look around before finally swimming out to sea. 

P5160094 P5160095