Sunday 27 April 2008

Day Out with the 5's

Twelve MX-5's met at St Austell and set off for a lovely day out driving around the lanes of Cornwall.

We stopped at Lanhydrock for coffee and set off again crossing Bodmin Moor before a quick stop at Golitha Falls car park ...

prior to arriving at The London Inn, St Neot for lunch ...

Weather-wise it was a disappointing morning because the run had been done last October when there was thick fog and everyone had requested a re-run as the views over the moor should be spectacular. We were hoping for a sunny day but at least it wasn't foggy and we could see all the lakes and animals. Unfortunately all my photos came out much too dark to reproduce so there's not much to show on here.

After lunch the sun shone while we drove the short distance to Siblyback Lake for a cuppa - such a shame it hadn't shone in the morning.

On the way home we drove back up one of the roads we'd driven earlier so that I could get a photo of just a small bunch of primroses and some spring lambs. We'd seen so many bluebells and primroses - they seem to be in abundance this year.

Wednesday 23 April 2008

Trip to Falmouth

We went to Falmouth this morning for a mooch around and hopefully to get some vinyl flooring for the bathroom and loo. We've been just about everywhere but there's so much choice it's impossible to make a decision. We need new flooring but we also need new tiles so do we get the tiles to match the floor or the other way round? Well Falmouth means Trago Mills and bargain prices so when we saw a very pretty pale green vinyl and the total cost was less than £15 - deal done! It's pretty good quality too - none of your paper thin stuff. All we have to do now is decide what tiles to get to go with it! Then the fun began as to how to get it home in the car. A 2m roll is just a bit too wide to go on the bootrack so I had to sit and hug it all the way!

The pub on Customs House Quay ...

Watching the yachts ...

Moorings by the Maritime Museum ...

Falmouth also means a trip up to Pendennis Point with a pasty for lunch.

The view across to St Mawes ...

It was a lovely day so we sat there with the top down on the car and munched away watching all the boats in the harbour. A rescue helicopter came over just before we left and we saw the lifeboat in the harbour but don't know if it was just an exercise or an incident.

The Coastguard Station at Pendennis ...

Just as we got to Portreath we were buzzed by a helicopter but I doubt it was the same one - too much of a coincidence!

Tuesday 22 April 2008

Spring is in the Air!

I couldn't resist taking these photos while walking Hamish to visit his Grandma this morning. It's a lovely warm sunny day and Greenfield Gardens is starting to look as if spring is finally here. For people who haven't been to the village for a few years then the Gardens look completely different now as they've had a face-lift.

There are raised areas ...

and pretty borders ...

and new modern benches ...

Monday 21 April 2008

All Clear - Hooray!

I went to Fracture Clinic today and was officially discharged! The doctor seemed very pleased with my arm and said I had got very good movement back in it. It's still a bit sore but it looks as if I'm well on the way to full recovery. Must keep doing the exercises!!!

Sunday 20 April 2008

Belated Easter Egg Hunt

The children finally got to have their Easter Egg Hunt today. The weather has been very kind and apart from a sprinkling of rain it has been mainly dry and sunny while the children dug in the fenced off piece of beach.

It is organised by the Lions Club ...

frantic digging ...

On my way home I wandered along the stream and found this little family of Mum and 12 babes...

with another pair just passing by and looking at the newcomers ...

Wednesday 16 April 2008

Busy Day

We had to go to Helston today as it was my annual contact lens check-up and as it was such lovely weather we decided to splash out and have lunch at the Ship Inn at Porthleven.

Looking out to sea from the pub ...

The pinch ...

It's situated right up high above the harbour and we sat outside watching a family who were fishing and being watched by a hungry seagull who I think quite fancied our prawn sandwiches. They were not cheap at £6.45 a round but they came with a full salad and they were gorgeous!

Parked by the edge ...

Looking back at Porthleven harbour ...

This afternoon we'd arranged with our friend Jo to meet at B&Q as we needed to borrow the boot of her car for our new loo! The MX-5 is great for everyday use - Tesco trips fill the boot and going to the tip isn't a problem - but when we need to buy large items I'm afraid the bootrack sometimes says NO! The loo and bathroom are next on the list of 'jobs to do' as the kitchen is just about finished and as it was discount day today we were grateful to Jo for helping us out. It is now sitting in our living room - wonder how long it will be before it makes it upstairs!

Mike has also been busy this afternoon fixing some netting on our bird table. We have a big problem with crows here in Portreath and I like to feed the birds in our small garden. We found the netting on the beach the other evening when walking Hamish and it is now attached to the table so that all the small birds can get through.

One side is left unattached at the bottom but has a piece of wood on it to weigh it down and we can lift it to put the food in. Perfect!

Sunday 13 April 2008

Boys on the Beach

As Hamish had spent the day with his Grandma we took him for a run on the beach tonight with his friends Fred and Trampas. Fred is related to Hamish although we're not quite sure how - they both came from the same breeder - and Trampas is the latest Westie to arrive in the village. He is so cute! They had a great time chasing each other and naturally smelling everything on the beach plus each other!

Hamish is at the top, Trampas in the middle and Fred at the bottom of the photo.

Across the Border

Today was a '5-drive' day so we were up early as Hamish was spending the day with his Grandma and we had to drive to Jamaica Inn for a 10.30am start. The weather wasn't looking too good so it was a top up day and definitely not a topless one!

There were 14 cars that set off on the run along pretty roads until we crossed the border into Devon ...

... and the first stop which was in Tavistock.

Just a short stop-over to collect another 5 and a very necessary 'comfort break' then back on the road and crossing back into Cornwall. We were heading towards Plymouth and the Ploughboy Inn at Saltash which was to be our destination for lunch.

Here we were met by more of our members who hadn't been able to do the morning drive but wanted to join us for a meal. Suitably refreshed we set off again for Looe where we parked up and wandered into the town for a cuppa.

The sun finally shone which was great as it had been typical April weather all morning - sunshine and showers.

Farewells were said and everyone left to make their way home - a great day out.

Thursday 10 April 2008

Evening Walk on the Beach

We took Hamish for a walk on the beach this evening and it was lovely down there. Only one other couple walking their dog and a group under the cliffs starting a BBQ - yes a BBQ!

Tuesday 8 April 2008

I'm Such a Smarty Pants!

Hamish went to see his Auntie Helen today for grooming so now he is loooking extra smart ...

Just keeping an eye on the camera ...

It's very tiring been photographed for my Mum's Blog ...

Sunday 6 April 2008

Hail Stones!

As I sit here this afternoon writing this there is blue sky and sunshine outside but this morning we had a very sudden and quite short-lived hailstorm. As snow is a very rare occurrence this is the nearest thing to it for us!

Saturday 5 April 2008

Busy Afternoon

The crane arrived this afternoon as all the boats were due to be lifted into the harbour. It was bitterly cold but we braved the weather and went out to watch the preceedings. Hamish doesn't like to miss anything that is happening ...

The first boat lifted was the sailing catamaran which was placed on the sand and then Georgielee II was put beside her.

They had to wait for the tide to reach them but it didn't take very long and the catamaran was soon sorting out his new mooring.

The crane then moved down to the far end of the harbour where most of the boats had been laid up for the winter and a few more were put in.

By now we were feeling very cold and as it began to rain we decided a cup of tea was more important than photos! After warming ourselves up and as the rain had stopped, we went back for a few more photos of the last boats as they went in.

The clocks have changed to British Summertime, the boats are back in the water so now we look forward to some better weather and plenty of activity in the harbour.