Monday 27 August 2012

Bank Holiday Weekend with the Boys

Jamie and Phill arrived in the early hours (3am!) of Saturday morning.  When Phill was in the shower it decided to pack up – aaah!!  They were going into Falmouth so they went via B&Q and picked up a new Mira Sport Max shower for us.  Ozzie stayed at home and made himself quite comfortable with me and Hamish on the sofa …

Cornwall-20120825-00481Later in the day they wanted to try and fit it but I managed to talk them into waiting until Paul arrived to help.  Jo and Paul were coming for a meal as Jamie had volunteered to cook a spaghetti bolognese.  The new shower got fitted which was fantastic and we had a great meal.

On Sunday we picked Pam and Jo up and made our way over to Trengwainton Gardens for a cream tea lunch!  We sat outside and gorged ourselves …


When we left we had to take photos on the rocking horse but there was no applause today!


We took the scenic route home and stopped at the top of a hill for a fantastic view over to St Michaels Mount …


We were looking over a campsite and although very basic for facilities (just a portaloo) I can’t imagine a better view to wake up to …


After dropping Jo and Pam back to their respective homes, the boys changed into wetsuits and headed for the beach.  The weather wasn’t great so I declined joining them in the water and just went along with my camera.


There was plenty of activity on the beach with the Surf Lifesaving Championships up one end and a Surf School giving lessons at the other …


We went back on the beach in the evening to walk off a very large roast chicken dinner …


With a forecast of rain for today, the boys decided to leave us in the morning and start making their way home.  They were meeting Simon and Vikki at Taunton as Ozzie would be spending the next two weeks with them.  Jamie and Phill are off to Kefalonia tomorrow – lucky devils!

Sunday 19 August 2012

Unexpected Visits

My phone rang this week and it was a friend I haven’t seen since April on our way home from Norfolk.  She was on the lookout for a bed for the night after dropping her foster daughter off for a riding holiday near Redruth.  The following morning very early she and her spaniel Willow were flying by helicopter to the Scilly Isles and naturally she thought of me! 

This afternoon I also had a call from Paul who wanted to park outside our garage as he was cycling the Coast to Coast route.  As the space was ear-marked for Debbie I found him somewhere else to park, wished him luck and waited for him to return.  When he did he was covered in mud and his bike was filthy too.  He had, however, had a brilliant ride!!


Debbie arrived late afternoon and we had a good catch-up on news then she treated us to dinner at the Portreath Arms.  After our meal we took the dogs on the beach where Willow had great fun in the water while Hamish did his usual trick of watching from the edge!


Saturday 11 August 2012

Boules on the Beach and Sad Farewells

It’s the last day for the family and so there was plenty of tidying and cleaning of the house next door.  When all was sorted they zoomed up to the Gold Centre as Sara likes to see Goldie every time she comes to stay. 


This is the skin that he shed – you wouldn’t get me touching it even if it is only a skin!!


They stayed quite a while looking around and decorating the statues with their hats!


It was then time for a final meal together at the Portreath Arms.  The boys decided to try eating lemon and you can see by their faces which one loved it and which one hated it!!


Jo and Paul came down in the afternoon with a yummy chocolate cake as a farewell gift and we went to the beach for a game of Boules …


We all wanted to watch Usain Bolt and Mo Farah racing tonight and then the kids did their own tribute …


After a last walk round the harbour it was time to say a sad farewell to them all Sad smile

last night walk

At least Jamie and Phill will be down for the Bank Holiday weekend so not too long to wait.

Friday 10 August 2012

Coffee and Shopping in Falmouth

No holiday in Cornwall is complete without a trip to Trago Mills! We all found a few necessary items and then we headed to the Watersports Centre for coffee and an early lunch. 


When we got back to the cars the Mini had a ticket attached!!  Apparently the machine has a problem with some coins and although it took our £2.20 it had only registered £2.10 and so there was just one hour on one of the tickets and two hours on the other.  We spoke to the Armtrac lady who understood our problem but couldn’t help us.  Thankfully upon returning home we managed to sort it out and no fine had to be paid as it wasn’t our fault.  Beware any visitors!  If you park on the Maritime Museum Car Park then do check your ticket and make sure it has printed the length of time that you want.


Thursday 9 August 2012

Story-time at the Minack Theatre, Beach and a BBQ

The family were up and out early this morning as they were off to the Minack Theatre for a children’s story-time morning.  They’d booked their seats yesterday as it’s very popular and were glad they’d arrived early as in the end it was a full-house.

Minack 1Minack 19

Soon after they arrived there was great excitement as some basking sharks were spotted …

Minack 10Minack 17

They had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed themselves …

Minack 24Minack 31Minack 32Minack 36Minack 40Minack 44Minack 43Minack 49

In the afternoon Jo, Paul, Mark and Stuart came down to join us on the beach.  Paul and Mark didn’t surf with us so they were useful for taking photos!

P8090013 (2)P8090024P8090025 (2)P8090033 (2)P8090071P8090074 (2)

We finished the day with a BBQ on the veranda – a great end to a great day!