Thursday 25 July 2013

Boat Trip and Beach

Paul’s sister Karen and her husband are down in Cornwall for a few days and I was invited along for the boat trip up the Fal.  We drove into Falmouth and parked at the Quarry, made our way down to Prince of Wales Pier, bought pasties for lunch and sat on the pier eating them.  The weather was fantastic and it was soon time to board the Western Endeavour. 


The tide was really low and on previous trips there had always been more water.  It was interesting to see the river with mud on either side of us.


We got right up to Malpas where we turned around with only about two feet of water beneath us! 

When we were almost back to our mooring we saw a massive yacht which is owned by Roger Taylor the drummer with Queen …


Someone was waving to us from a window – maybe it was Roger!!!

Later on they all came down to Portreath beach where Jo and Karen braved the water …


Sunday 21 July 2013

Making the Most of Sunday

After popping round to see Pam and getting the boys to do a couple of small jobs for her, we dug out the wetsuits and all made our way down to the beach.  The weather was glorious but there were no waves.  Jamie volunteered to stay with Mike so that I could go in the water then we’d swap places …


While Mike had a snooze we swam and played with a ball in the sea …


I changed places with Jamie but it was very windy and not very pleasant on the sand.  Mike and I decided to make tracks for home and the boys would follow on.  We  had to get a pic first though …


After lunch we piled into Phill’s car and drove to Perranporth where we parked high up on the hill …


The boys walked down into town where Phill bought another camper for his collection and then when they got back we drove to Callestick for a cream tea …


Mark had to milk the cow and do his James Herriott impersonation …


and then we had a look at the animals on our way back to the car.  I just fell in love with this beautiful calf …


All too soon it was time to say goodbye to them all but it won’t be long and they’ll be back for their camping holiday.

Saturday 20 July 2013

Priscilla in Truro

When I noticed that Priscilla -  Queen of the Desert was coming to Hall for Cornwall in Truro I immediately contacted Jamie and asked if they wanted to come down for it.  It was a big yes from him and their friend Mark would like to join us as well.  Tickets were booked early so that I could get the second row in the middle and then it was a case of waiting and counting the days.  I bought myself a pink feather boa from eBay – well you can’t go to Priscilla without a feather boa!!


The boys drove down overnight and arrived in the early hours.  We had a lazy morning and then set off for the Park and Ride. 


We arrived with time to spare so had a wander and shop in Truro then made our way to the theatre.  The boys had a drink to get in the mood …


then we found our seats and waited for the main event …


WOW!!!  What a fab show!  If it ever comes your way then book seats because it’s worth every penny.  We had Pimms ordered for interval drinks …


and then it was back for more singing and clapping.  We even managed to get an encore out of them!!

We’d gone to the Matinee performance and so the cast had an hour to kill before getting ready for the evening one.  We waited outside the Stage Door and managed to get loads of autographs.  We even had our photo taken with Noel Sullivan who was playing the lead role of Tick …

Noel Sullivan & usNoel Sullivan with Mark

We finally dragged ourselves away and got the Park and Ride back to the car.  It had been an afternoon I’ll never forget but I took a photo of all the mementoes …


Friday 19 July 2013

Dogs on a Kayak!

During the heatwave I was sitting on our verandah watching the antics in the harbour.  One of my friends from Pilates came down with her husband, two dogs and a kayak.  With all of them wearing life-jackets they set off for a paddle around the harbour to get the dogs used to floating on the water …


Brilliant!!  They all really enjoyed themselves.

Wednesday 3 July 2013

Some Get it Very Wrong and Some Get it Right!

We’ve had two visiting yachts so far this summer.  The first one, “Kynance”,  I just happened to spot as I looked out and saw a mast.  With all the boats in the harbour being fishing boats then a mast is decidedly unusual and required some investigation.  Hamish was thrilled to have his harness and lead produced and we walked around to take a look.  Apparently there were some very embarrassed sailors keeping well hidden in their cabin as people came to see them and to try and help.  They emerged eventually and ropes were used to attach them.


When I walked Hamish the next day the yacht had sailed on the morning tide and I was subsequently told that it was heading for St Ives.

The second yacht had obviously got it just right as it was moored up next to one of our fishing boats.


The “Tir an Og” also sailed off on the next morning tide and disappeared.