Wednesday 28 March 2012

Tehidy on a Sunny Afternoon

Yet another lovely sunny day and we decided to drive up to Tehidy Country Park for a walk  after lunch.  I texted Jo and asked if she would like to join us with Fred and she was very keen.  She hadn’t been to the entrance off Cot Road before and so she followed us up there and we parked together.  We strolled through walking alongside the golf course and I heard a noise that I recognised.  I used to live near a golf course, knew the sound of a ball going astray and spotted it amongst the trees.  I picked it up and went over to the fence to see two chaps walking down.  I think he was quite pleased to get his ball back!


We worked our way down to the cafe where Jo treated us to coffee and cake.  It was a very yummy lemon cake which we thoroughly enjoyed while the boys quenched their thirst with the water provided for dogs …


There was a pond just beside the cafe …


After refreshments we made our way back …


The bluebells are just beginning to flower and they look lovely already.  Give them a few weeks and there will be a carpet of them.

As we returned I took a couple of photos of the golf course and sent them to Simon.  He has played Tehidy in the past and I like to test his knowledge of the course.  I asked him where we were …


The answer was immediate – 4th green, 5th tee!!

Not far to go now so a few more pix of us all and then it was back to our cars and a very short drive home.  What a lovely way to spend a sunny afternoon.


Sunday 25 March 2012

Walk in the Woods

Another glorious day and it was too good to just sit indoors all day.  After watching the Grand Prix in Malaysia we decided to take Hamish for a walk to Illogan Woods.  The last time we took him there he came home covered in mud and this time was to be no different!


Hamish soon stopped for a drink then we moved on uphill …


Not sure if you can spot it but there’s a swing hanging from a tree …


We went as far as the tennis courts which are part of the Aviary Court Hotel


and then retraced our steps back down through the woods …


Hamish went into the stream again to wash his feet and have another drink …


We were soon back at the entrance which was very wet and muddy.  On the way in I’d carried Hamish through but there was no way I was going to get covered in mud and so he had to walk it …


He was one muddy dog but very happy!

Saturday 24 March 2012

Mule Track Loop

We can’t believe the weather we’ve got at the moment and so to make the most of it we took Hamish for an extra walk on the mule track loop today.  It was quite a hazy day so nothing in the distance was clear and sharp but it was a lovely walk just the same.P3240020P3240022P3240023P3240025P3240026P3240027P3240028P3240030P3240031P3240033

Sand Clearance from the Harbour

For three days now we’ve had a digger in the harbour clearing away tons of sand.  As soon as the tide receded the digger was in there and then yesterday and today we had two diggers in action.  Finally this afternoon they’d finished and boat owners were soon here sorting out their moorings ready for the season.  The crane is booked for the weekend of 7th/8th April and we’ll have boats outside again – can’t wait!


Friday 23 March 2012

Portreath Through a New Lens

I’m now the owner of an Olympus VR-310 camera (as recommended by Jo!) and as it was a beautiful day I took Hamish for a walk and went to try it out. 

The tide was out and there were only a few people about – Hamish loved it!


On the way home Hamish spotted one of his favourite animals – a cat!