Sunday 31 July 2011

Busy, Busy Weekend

Saturday - We’d known for a long time that Pam was getting a surprise visit from her grandchildren this weekend and thankfully she had remained oblivious of this until Saturday morning when we all turned up at her flat.  Her face was a picture!  It was the day when she had to take her pictures to the Millennium Hall ready for the Art Exhibition and so we all went with her.  After delivering them she went home and waited to be collected by Jamie as we were taking her to Falmouth for coffee and teacakes at the Watersports Centre.  Simon drove our mini and we gathered Jo in her mini on the way.  Simon works for BMW and so I was very interested to hear what he thought of our Henry.  He was very impressed and said we’d bought a good car – phew!!  After coffee some of us nipped into Trago for a few bargains and then we said goodbye to Jo and we went on up to Pendennis Point where Pam bought ice-creams for everyone.  Phill had his latest toy with him – his iPad – and so he was checking to see what ships were at anchor or passing by …


It was then Jamie’s turn to drive our car and once he got used to it he loved it!  Once home we all changed into wetsuits and walked to the beach.  This was our first venture into the sea this year and it seemed freezing!!   There were no waves so we just swam to keep warm.  We’d arranged to meet Pam, Jo and Paul at the Hall at six o’clock for the invitational evening at the exhibition and we all had a wander around looking at the pictures and then voting for our favourite one.  At the end of the week the artist with the most votes for their picture will win a prize.  There were some really good pictures and it was very hard to choose just one!  The boys saw Pam home and Jamie parked her buggy …


The evening meal was a BBQ which Simon lit on the verandah while Jamie prepared all the food.  It was very yummy and a great end to the day.

Sunday – After a very lazy start this morning we went over to the Arms for a roast lunch and Pam met us there.  We’d arranged it for noon as the kids wanted to get in the sea again before they went home.  We had a lovely meal …


and then moved back to our place for coffee.  Mike’s sister Lesley and her husband Steve joined us here.  They had been due to eat with us but had woken this morning feeling rough and decided to pop over to see the family but couldn’t face a big meal.  When they all left it was a quick change into wetsuits again and another dip in the sea.  No waves again so no surfing but Phill had bought a ball to play with and we had a great time.

Jo and Paul had been hoping to join us in the sea but were very busy laying slabs in their garden and unfortunately didn’t make it in time.  However they did pop down to say farewell to the family and then went to the Arms for their evening meal.  The kids bought fish and chips which they munched their way through while we had some chips.  I was still full from the massive roast!  Sadly it was now time to load the car and say goodbye but it’s only four weeks to their camping holiday when they’ll be back with the grandchildren.  The house seemed very quiet after they’d gone but thankfully we heard they’d arrived safely when we got a text just before midnight. 

Friday 29 July 2011

War Graves

Each month I receive a newsletter from Lost Cousins and the latest one arrived in my inbox today. Reading through it I saw a link to the War Graves Photographic Project and I took a look at it. My great uncle John Northcote Marshall died in France in the September before the first world war ended and so I typed in his name. There he was:

Cemetery: Guards Cemetery Windy Corner Cuinchy

Country: France

Area: Pas De Calais

Rank: Private

Official Number: 37616

Unit: 8th Bn. Gloucestershire Regiment.

Force: Army

Nationality: British

6th September 1918. Age 36. Son of John Pyke Marshall and Mary Marshall. VIII. H. 18

These details were nothing new as I'd found him on the CWGC site but this time there was a gravestone accompanying it. For £3.50 I ordered a photo of his gravestone and it arrived this evening.

I admit I shed a tear when I received it.

Wednesday 13 July 2011

Farewell Faithful Friend and Hello Henry

We’ve owned our Mazda MX-5 for eight and a half years and it has given us so much.  We’ve made many friends, enjoyed camping with it both in the UK and across France and Spain and experienced life in a car club.  However with Mike having problems with his eyes the time has come for the 5 to go and a replacement found which I can drive.  I’m only a little ‘short-arse’ and couldn’t reach the pedals at the same time as seeing over the steering wheel so I never managed to drive the 5.  The problem was what to replace it with.  Jo had also been looking at changing her car and she said that a Mini was ideal for me so we went looking.  While she was searching she spotted a beautiful red Mini Cooper but she opted for another car.  Henry (Cooper) was made for us!  It was love at first sight and today he became ours.  We picked him up after lunch before a trip to Eye Casualty for Mike to have some eyelashes removed and then on the way home I got behind the wheel and tried to remember how to drive!  I was very pleased with myself as I was never the most confident of drivers but I had a drive around locally and then brought us home.  Henry is now safely tucked up in our garage and I can’t wait for tomorrow when I get to drive him again.