Sunday 24 June 2012

Chiverton Park for a Shakedown Weekend

Jo and Paul have a new caravan which they collected Thursday and on Friday we were off for a mega long journey (!) to Chiverton Park for a shakedown weekend.  It took us all of 15 minutes to drive there and as we’d called in during the week to book, we knew which pitch was allocated to us.  We were soon sorted out and making coffee while Paul finished setting up the new van.  The weather was great – sunshine all afternoon!!!  When Jo had finished work Paul went to collect her and we attempted to get their awning up.  It was very windy and in the end we had to admit defeat.  At least they now know how big it is!


Fred didn’t arrive until late in the day and Hamish couldn’t understand why his pal wasn’t here …


The field opposite had ponies in it and we could see the traffic near Chiverton Cross roundabout but it wasn’t a noisy site - it was lovely.


We sat out and enjoyed the sunshine …


On Saturday we went to Falmouth and it really felt as if we were away on holiday!  We walked to the far end of town, passing the newly opened Wilkinsons which had a Punch and Judy show outside entertaining the shoppers …


After a successful shop in M&S we made our way back to Trago and then the Watersports Centre for coffee and food.  Pendennis Point was next for an ice-cream before returning to camp.  In the evening we went to Trevithick Inn for a belated anniversary meal. 

During the night the heavens opened but nothing keeps us awake.  I gather Jo had a sleepless night and was watching tv while the rain pounded down onto their van!

On Sunday we hoovered through the vans, packed up and drove home.  It had been a perfect weekend away for Jo and Paul to test everything in their caravan in preparation for our planned week away on Dartmoor next month.