Monday 24 December 2012

Christmas Bath

Hamish went to see his Aunty Helen for grooming last week and this afternoon he had his Christmas bath …


Not one of his favourite pastimes!! However he loves to just curl up and get dry on the sofa afterwards …


Wednesday 5 December 2012

Hamish is Diabetic

For a couple of weeks Hamish had been drinking excessive amounts of water and so on our return from holiday I took a urine sample in to the vet and it was tested.  The result as I expected was that he is diabetic.

He is now on a strict regime which means that I have to be up early every day to walk him, then feed him and then give him his morning insulin.  It’s like being back at work with no weekend lie-in!!  In the evening it’s all repeated as he’s on a twice daily dose.

He’s being really good although he’s missing his little treats that he used to get when we left him at home to go shopping.  He gives me a ‘look’ when I pick up his insulin pen but he stands still and lets me inject him.

Over the last few weeks he’s spent a couple of days at the vets for monitoring but they think it’s stressing him and he’s now just going to have blood taken for a fructosamine test and then he can come straight home.  He’s returned from his each of his day stays with a bandage round his leg and a look that says “Take pity on me please!”