Tuesday 30 August 2011

Falmouth and Carn Brea

It was Michael’s last day today and we decided to take him into Falmouth.  The weather wasn’t brilliant when we left but as soon as we got over the hill at Lanner the sun began to shine and by the time we reached Falmouth it was a glorious day.  We went to the Watersports Centre for our usual coffee and toasted teacakes and as it was so nice we sat out on the veranda.   There was plenty happening for us to watch … 


After the obligatory trip for a few of us into Trago for some bargains we met up again and walked round the walkway by the Museum.  There was a huge yacht moored so I called over to her crew and asked her name.  It was the luxury charter yacht the Northern Spirit


Wow is all I can say!!

We returned to the cars and instead of our normal ice-cream on Pendennis Point we drove back towards home but made for Carn Brea as a diversion.  The sky was blue and the view was great – plenty of photo opportunities …


Jamie set the timer for a group photo!








Then it was time to get on home as the sea beckoned!


Monday 29 August 2011

Trebah and the Argal Reservoir

Today we picked up Pam and set off for Trebah Gardens where we had a table booked for an 11am cream tea!  It was well worth booking because we got waitress service instead of having to queue with everybody else and she very happily took a photo of us all …


After we’d polished off a fantastic feast we had a wander around the shops/plants.  They had some really unusual items for sale …


Pam’s scooter was being repaired and so we’d borrowed a wheelchair for her from Trebah.  Jamie pushed her around and waited with her while Phill went to get the car and bring it as close as possible …


Back on the road again we decided to return home via the Argal Reservoir so that Michael’s two dogs could stretch their legs.  I had a quick look at one end which showed just how low the water level was …


and then joined the others who had walked down to the water’s edge …


In the evening they all came down to Portreath again for a walk on the beach where Ozzie romped in the sea while Hamish made friends with a beagle and then went rock-climbing …


Another lovely sunset …


Sunday 28 August 2011

Tide Race and Surf’s Up

The sun shone for the Tide Race this year and everyone was frantically building their sandcastles before the tide came in to wash them away …


Then it was time for the family to get into the sea for the first time …


There was a shout from the boys that a couple of seals were swimming across the bay and I saw them but just missed them when I tried to take a photo.  I promise they are there!!


While the gang were in the sea Jo and I stayed with Sara on the edge and played at jumping over the waves …


Michael had borrowed one of our wetsuits and although he protested that it was really too cold for him – he enjoyed himself!!!


Group photo when they all came out and Cam found a bit pit on the Waterfront beach when we walked home …


Saturday 27 August 2011

The Kids Are Here!

At 6.30am my mobile rang and Jamie said hi mum we’re outside!  They’d all driven down overnight and had a clear run thankfully.  From being fast asleep I now had a house full with an extra four adults and four children – phew!  After cuppas all round and several people falling asleep we got ourselves sorted just as the last member of the party arrived – Michael.  This is a friend of Jamie and Phil’s from Luton and he, along with his two dogs, was staying at the campsite with them until Tuesday.

With the attic emptied of all their camping gear and the cars loaded up with it, we set off for Cambrose so they could check in and create their empire in the cul-de-sac.

Everyone helped and it was amazing how quickly the tents were erected …


The dogs stayed in the cars while the work was being done and then Cameron took Rosie and Poppy for a walk …


while Ozzie had a look about him that said “Can I come in yet please?”


The children went hunting for benches and then got help to carry them back …


We left them to it now and headed home to relax.  They all had fish and chips from the site for supper and then came down to us so we could walk the dogs on the beach.  It was a lovely evening …