Tuesday 9 October 2012

A Day of Family History

My cousin John and his wife Christine live in Minehead and so we’d made arrangements for them to visit us at Umberleigh.  John’s father and my mother were brother and sister and we’re both very keen on family history. 

They arrived as the heavens opened and so we piled into their car and drove to Chittlehampton where we’d heard that the food was good in The Bell Inn.  After ordering, John got out his files and a photo of his parents wedding as there were faces in it that he didn’t recognise.  I managed to name a couple of people including the little bridesmaid but I wasn’t a great deal of help I’m afraid.  We noticed that most of the husbands were missing and then realised that it was 1940 and they were probably involved in the war. 

After lunch we returned to the motorhome and more photos were handed around and studied, laptops came out and we had a good old family natter!  It was a lovely day and I hope that it’s not too long before we can meet up again.

Uncle Vic's marriagePA090077

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jordiegirl said...

Lovely Sally-Ann - that wedding photo is amazing.