Sunday 12 December 2010

Internet Problems

I've been very quiet of late I know but my pc has been driving me mad as the internet keeps dropping out. Apparently it's all due to the superfast broadband which BT are working on in our area and is supposed to be ready for March next year. I just hope that our bit is sorted soon because I don't think I'll survive til then!!

We've had loads of snow which was very pretty but it was followed by frosts like I've never seen before in Cornwall. Taking Hamish for his walk in the evening on a skating rink wasn't very easy.

Last Saturday the Harbour Association had its Christmas Dinner at the Waterfront Inn ...

We left before the karaoke began so the highlight of the evening for us was the snail racing!!

The village is beginning to get decorated now for Christmas ...

and on Wednesday this week we've got the annual singing of carols outside the Arms.

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Jo Anne said...

Yay! welcome back!