Saturday 10 October 2009

Family Day

Up early this morning as we were off to watch Cameron play football at Camberley followed by a fast drive to watch the second half of Jack's game at his home ground near Bracknell. Cam's team won but unfortunately Jack's team lost. It was good to see the boys playing and Ellie was at Jack's game so we saw her too.

Back to the flat for lunch and a lazy afternoon before Vikki and Sara arrived. Sara is three (going on fourteen!) so we went out for an early evening meal to The Swan at Ash Vale ...

which turned out to be a perfect location for us as it was right on the canal ...


jordiegirl said...

Just found your blog via Cornish Beach Brummie - love them.

Can you tell me how I add the Widget of the cat to my Blog? Do I add it as a Gadget and if so which one?


sally-ann said...

Hi Jordiegirl,
It's so long since I added the cat but I think I just added it as a gadget. If you click on 'get widget' under the cat you'll get the info to copy and paste. Good luck.