Tuesday 16 December 2008

New Fire

We've been looking for a new fire for a while now and then an email from Screwfix dropped into Mike's inbox showing some Sale items. There it was - just what we wanted and £40 cheaper than we'd seen anywhere in the shops! We didn't order it immediately thank goodness because a day or two later another email came from Screwfix offering a discount of £10 if you spent over £100 and our fire was priced at £102.76. We very quickly put in an order and the next morning our fire arrived for £92.76!! Bargain or what?


Joanne said...

It might be a bargain, but it looks lovely.... x

Sage said...

I agree and love the pebble look in the fire.. modern and yet traditional

Anonymous said...

Very, very, nice!

I wish we had a real flame fire here...

There's nothing like sitting in front of a flaming fire :-)

It's not quite the same sitting in front of a radiator, LOL