Sunday 28 September 2008

Phill's 30th Birthday

Today was Phill’s unofficial birthday – well it was his party day ...

and his actual 30th birthday is tomorrow! While he popped out this morning three friends turned up to decorate the house with banners, balloons and photos of him.

The house inside was also decked out with banners and ‘30’ decorations.

The food and drink were all ready ...

and the guests began arriving soon after 2.30pm. The weather was fantastic so we all sat outside chatting ...

until it was time to eat and cut the cake.

Phill had three fireworks for his cake but he took them out into the garden before he lit them as it was far safer!

How old?

He was being made to wait until tomorrow for his presents but was allowed just one to open today.

Everyone had a great time and Marie kept us entertained with her chatter – isn’t she just gorgeous?

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