Sunday 16 March 2008

Easter Egg Run

What a day we had today!

We run the Cornwall Area of the MX-5 Owners Club and we’d arranged an Easter Egg Run in aid of the Children’s Hospice South West. The plan was to meet at Treasure Park near Portreath where fellow ‘fivers’ would gather with their eggs and Mary Murfin from the Hospice would come to collect them. The press had been notified and the local radio stations were advertising it so we had no idea how many cars would turn up on the day. Well when we got there several cars had already arrived and they just kept on coming! Twenty-one ‘fives’ bulging with Easter eggs!

We all had our photo taken by two local papers and Mary thanked us for helping the children and explained where the eggs were going to be distributed as we don’t have a Hospice in Cornwall at the moment. There are two houses – one in North Devon and one in North Somerset – so the eggs would be taken there.

We later found out that we had collected over 120 eggs which included a donation of 50 from our local Mazda dealership in Truro. These are just a few of them which were loaded into the boot of Mary's car.

After a very welcome coffee in Treasure Park we all set off for a drive around the west of Cornwall, making our way over to Marazion and then across to the North Coast near St Ives for lunch.

People were waving and cheering as the convoy drove by – if you’ve never driven in a convoy it is a fantastic experience.

In the afternoon we worked our way back to Scorrier near Redruth where we had a cream tea and said farewell to our friends. The weather forecast had not been good but it didn't rain and the sun shone occasionally so for those of us who didn’t have hard tops on their cars we were topless all day!

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