Friday, 2 September 2011

Surfing Dudes!

Finally we got some good news from the Gwithian Surf Academy – there are enough waves for a surf lesson!  Loaded up in two cars we arrived and parked up, checked in and the kids and Simon began the business of being kitted out with wetsuits and boards … 



Once on the beach they had a warm-up and then began the instruction for catching the wave and just pushing up …


Then it was time to attach their boards and head for the waves …


Back to the beach to learn how to stand up …


and then back to the water to try it out with Mr Clever standing on his very first wave!


They all tried really hard and eventually made it!


At the end of their lesson they were all brought in and told they could stay in the water if they wanted to – of course they did!  They posed for photos and then went back in …


It was soon time to head back …


and then we found that both cars had been served with parking tickets!  The last time we’d parked here it was free and none of us had spotted any signs by the cars to indicate anything different.  Phill was immediately on the phone to the private company and complaining about it.  We took several photos to back up our case but it had left a sour taste in our mouths after such a fantastic afternoon.  Jamie was already planning the email he would be writing to them and they’d be fighting it all the way!

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jordiegirl said...

Lovely post - pleased the kids got their lesson in the end.

What a shame you got parking tickets to ruin the day for you.