Thursday, 1 September 2011

Chinese Birthday!

The big plan this week was for our grandchildren to have a surfing lesson at Gwithian and they were booked in for Wednesday afternoon.  They had only received birthday cards  on their birthdays with a cryptic comment inside saying they would have to wait for a surprise in the summer.  They had no idea that they would be having a surfing lesson!  Unfortunately the weather decided to work against us and there was no surf on Wednesday or today.  The boys had also planned a birthday party for them which should have been after the lesson but as we’d already postponed it yesterday, the decision was made to have the party tonight with (hopefully!) the lesson tomorrow.  Jo was invited (Paul was working) and Lesley and Steve also came along.  We had all ordered our own Chinese food and arrived at the campsite to find a long table set out ready for the feast.  As dessert we had birthday cake which had been decked out with four candles each in the colour of the flash on their wetsuits!  It was a great evening and we all prayed that there’d be enough surf tomorrow for the lesson to go ahead.  They were running out of days!!


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jordiegirl said...

Lovely, can't wait to hear if they had their surfing lesson.