Friday, 16 September 2011

Cousin John’s Holiday

My cousin lives near Northampton and he arrived in Cornwall causing trouble before I’d even met him!  We’d gone into Redruth at 6.30pm to meet the National Express coach which was due in at 6.50pm and at 8.30pm we were still standing at the bus stop in the drizzle with no sign of either bus or him!  After talking to his sister I said I had to get home to get warm and dry and hope that John turned up on our doorstep some time.  As we were putting the car in the garage a neighbour came out and asked if we’d lost someone – yes it was John!  He’d been dropped at a different bus stop but he hadn’t come down to the one he arrived at last time, he just looked in the Station car park for a Mini and when he couldn’t find one he got in a taxi and came to Portreath.  I was not happy!!  I was cold, wet and very hungry – not a good start to the week!

We spent a quiet weekend in the village and then during the week we went for a drive to St Agnes Head which was very windy.  John had had an accident which damaged one of his legs so he walked with a stick and wasn’t terribly mobile.  Mike and I walked Hamish while John stayed in the car and admired the view …


We drove on into Perranporth but as they wanted £4 to park we turned around and came on home.  If we’d been parking for the day then I wouldn’t object to paying £4 but as we just wanted to stop for about half and hour it seemed a pretty steep charge to me.

Later in the week we packed up a picnic lunch and I drove us over to Marazion.  We parked in the car park that overlooked St Michael’s Mount and when a front row space became available I nipped into it!  John and I along with Hamish went for a stroll after we’d eaten our lunch and we watched the kite surfers enjoying the waves …


John was a great help to me when I began researching our family tree as he is a mine of information regarding the family.  I was able to show him photos and census records and he was very excited about it all.  I think he enjoyed his time in Portreath and when he left us he moved on to stay with a friend in Winchester before making his way back home.

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