Friday, 16 September 2011

Meeting up with a Cousin

Last November I sent a message to someone on Ancestry. My mother’s parents were on their tree and I was hopeful of finding a new cousin.  I’d completely forgotten about the message when in June this year I had a reply! 

I was now in touch with a first cousin called Valerie and she told her brother Michael who also made contact with me.  My mother was from a very large family and there are loads of cousins who I’ve never met – until today!


Michael and his wife Maxine were coming from Sussex to Devon for a holiday and so we arranged to meet at Kingsley Village at Fraddon.  Now that I am the chief driver due to Mike’s eye problems this was going to be the furthest I’d driven but everything went well and we arrived on time.  As we were looking for a parking spot we saw a couple waving frantically (I’d told them to look out for Henry) and then it was hugs all round.  We went into the Village to get a coffee and doughnut and have a good old chat.  Apparently Michael remembers meeting me when I was a child but I had no recollection of him or his sister at all.  His father Alfred was the eldest child in the family while my mother Grace was the fifth child and eight years younger than him.  After taking photos to commemorate the occasion we said our farewells and set off for home.


It was a brilliant day and hopefully there are more cousins out there for me to meet.


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Mac n' Janet said...

Since joining Ancestry I've reconnected with a 2nd cousin I hadn't seen since we were teenagers and connected with a 3rd cousin. What fun.