Wednesday, 21 September 2011

King’s Troop at Gwithian

I received a phone call from Jamie today in relation to the ongoing dispute with the car parking company.  He needed some more photos and so we hopped into the Mini and drove down to Gwithian.  We didn’t chance getting a ticket so parked in the National Trust car park and walked down to get the photos.  As we were leaving I noticed a group of riders heading for the beach and they looked like they were in the Services …


We’d seen on the local tv programme that the King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery were staying in Cornwall as they showed them on the beach at Polzeath but I had no idea what group this could be.  Mike went back to the car as it was really windy and sunny which was causing problems for his eyes and I followed the horses down to the beach.  They galloped up and down on the waterline and I was hoping that they’d go into the sea but they didn’t while I was there.  After taking photos I had a chat with a couple of Service Personnel who were not mounted and they told me that they were a different section of the King’s Troop from St John’s Wood and they were staying at a local farm.  Apparently that evening they were having a jumping competition against the local Pony Club! 


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jordiegirl said...

How interesting. Hope you sort out the dispute with parking company.