Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A Few Days in Luton

We left Norfolk on Sunday and I drove to Baldock Services where the boys met us and Phill drove us to his parents home.   After a cuppa and a chat we set off for Luton where we had to park at the lower end of the road as there had been roadworks outside their house while we’d been in Norfolk.  We were to stay with them until Wednesday when we’d be moving on to Chertsey Camping and Caravanning Club Site.  Monday morning at 8.30am there was a knock on the door and an engineer arrived to service the gas back boiler …


Jamie had booked him for a day when we were there so he didn’t have to take time off work – parents come in handy sometimes!!  At lunchtime we got a taxi to the train station and went to Bedford Moorfields as Mike had an appointment to have his eyelashes removed.  Phill’s dad met us at Bedford station and drove us to and from the hospital which was fantastic. 

On Tuesday I tried to earn my keep by ironing shirts!  I know it’s a job that the boys dislike and surprisingly it is a job that I quite enjoy. 


On Wednesday Phill drove us to Chertsey when he’d finished work.  There were some very large vehicles under escort on the M25 …


Jamie drove down to collect Phill  when he finished work and after they’d left I took Hamish for a walk to the river.  It was very full and the weir was raging …


We walked on down to look at the bridge and I noticed a heron …


We were to be here for 6 nights with the boys joining us with their caravan for the long weekend and we’d planned to go to the Badminton Horse trials on Cross Country day.  However the weather had been so wet in the run-up to it that it had been cancelled.  We were now looking forward to a couple of lazy days at the site.

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