Thursday, 17 May 2012

Trengwainton Gardens Re-Visited

Jo, Paul, Marg and Keith are staying in static caravans above St Ives for the week and we were invited to join them for a visit to Trengwainton Gardens.  The last time we went we were quite disappointed as there was very little colour but this time it was completely different. 


There was a new swing and Jo couldn’t help herself!


We continued up the main drive …


until we reached the terrace where we’d had our picnic last time …


More lovely flowers and greenery …


During our last visit we read in the booklet that a magnolia tree had been planted in the year that Pam was born.  We tried to find it but without success – until today! 


There were tadpoles in the pond – I promise they are there!!


When we left the gardens we headed for the cafe for coffee and cake.  On the grass, for the children, was a rocking horse which was very tempting for Jo who is just a big kid …


She hadn’t realised that she had an audience inside the cafe and they gave her a round of applause!


Jo Anne said...

Yeehah! Can't help myself LOL x x

jordiegirl said...

Tried to comment on this early but it wouldn't work!

Anyway, here goes again:

Lovely post, nice to see all the beautiful flowers out now.

We have had some new play equipment erected at school so if Jo wants to pop up and give it a try out she's very welcome - lol!