Friday, 18 May 2012

Trip to St Ives

It’s the last day at the statics for Jo and the family and we were invited to join them for a trip down into St Ives.  We drove down to the town in Paul’s car but had to park up on the hillside as their usual car park was full.  It was a long walk down and nobody was looking forward to the trek back up later on!


We had a wander around the shops and I got some new walking boots as my old ones have begun to leak.  Jo, Marg and I also bought ourselves a jigsaw – mine was of the Queen Mary setting sail.  I’m looking forward to doing it but have a feeling it’s going to be quite tricky.

We sat on a bench eating pasties for lunch and the birds were all watching us to see if they could pinch anything …


We walked back past the Tate …


and then we reached the steps back up to the car park.  All was going well but then I suddenly felt very strange and thought I was going to faint!  I took it very slowly, sat down at the top but was told I’d gone a horrible colour – thanks Jo!  I had a lovely cup of tea back at their static before driving home none the worse for my funny turn.


June said...

I do love St. Ives. You can park in the sports centre car park at the top of town and it has a bus service which runs to and from the town every 10 minutes. The Barbara Hepworth garden is also well worth the visit! The seagulls at St. Ives can be quite ferocious - one once stole my ice cream, cornet and all!

jordiegirl said...

Yes, it's a killer going back up to that car park!

We bought a jigsaw of Lanhydrock when we were on holiday last year but we haven't had it out of the box yet!!!! Must get around to doing it!

Diane said...

St Ives is my spiritual home! I have to make a pilgramage every year. We camp at Ayr - at the top of the hill and after a 2 week holiday, when i get back I can skip up any hill in these parts!!! Hope you have fully recovered. x