Saturday, 1 May 2010

Family at Luton

I'm now back from my Broadland blog - hope you took a look at the photos from our holiday and enjoyed them.

I spent most of the morning catching up with my blog and making use of the boys’ washing machine! In the afternoon Simon, Vikki, Jack, Ellie and Cameron arrived and we went to see Phill's parents before checking out somewhere for next year's Civil Partnership between Jamie and Phill. The Barns Hotel at Cardington was just lovely. The 13th century Tithe Barn was perfect for weddings so we'll just have to wait and see where they choose.
Then it was back home and time to decide what we wanted from the Chinese Takeaway. After dinner the Wii came into play and everyone became very competitive. It was set up with ‘Just Dance’ and the fun began! I had a go when Womanizer was played but I just joined in at the back and it was great fun. Here are some photos from the evening …


Jamie said...

Great pics! We have Just Dance on the boat and I love getting my boogie on (in private - I'm not sure I would do it in a group!). Looks like fun!

sally-ann said...

I was really pleased with the pics as they were taken on my mobile. I made sure that nobody took any of me!!! Lol x