Thursday, 22 April 2010

Luton to Norfolk

We were up and about fairly early this morning ready for the drive to Norfolk. I happened to mention to Phill that I needed a new battery for my camera and he was immediately on the case finding one for me at his local camera shop in Luton. He very kindly ran me down there and I now have a battery that doesn’t need re-charging every five minutes!

We set off about 9.45am and had a very good trip with no hold-ups arriving at the Norwich site at 12.30pm. If you’d like to keep following our holiday then please check my Broadland Blog. I’ll update it if I can although I seem to remember that the signal is not too good on the water. You may have to read it all in one go at the end of our holiday!


PamelaB said...

Have a lovely week

Jo Anne said...

Glad you've arrived safely x