Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Wash Day Blues

We bought our washing machine back in 2003 and it has given us nothing but problems. Thank goodness for insurance is all I can say! The repair man at one stage was coming out so regularly we were on first name terms and the kettle would be on as I knew exactly how he took his coffee!! We have had about a year problem free until just before we were going on holiday when there was an almighty bang. A new chap came out and said the drum needed to be replaced and I could have a new seal on the door. Great news but it couldn't be done before we went away and so I had to wait until today for it to be fixed. Several loads were taken to mum-in-law's machine so that we had clean clothes to take away and Jamie and Phill's machine was used on our way home. Thanks all of you. Well today it was repaired and I now have a fully functioning machine again. About the only part that is original is the shell! The chap took it apart in the kitchen, sorted the drum outside and then rebuilt it again. I never thought I'd be thrilled to bits to be able to do the washing!!


Mac n' Janet said...

I replaced my dryer of 29 years last year, it was the last appliance I had that had been made in America. My washer is 7 years old and has been a problem from the beginning, it was made in Asia some where. I hate to be zenophobic but my appliances are making me that way.

sally-ann said...

It seems you either buy an appliance that is wonderful and lasts for years or you get a rogue one which causes nothing but grief! This one has definitely been of the latter variety.