Monday, 25 August 2008

Portreath Playground

Earlier in the year we had Ty Pennington in the village doing a makeover of the playground. The kids have been down to play there several times since they arrived so here are a few of the antics that they got up to ...

The makeover is due to be aired weekdays from Tuesday 16th September at 10pm on UKTV Style (246)


Anonymous said...

Hi, thankyou for your lovely pictures of your playground. This programme just aired tonight 2 August, 2009 in the U.S. almost a whole year after the fact in your village. We hope you and all the children are still enjoying the tot lot. Did the council ever tear down the roof? And is Capt. Greenslade still alive? Many thanks for your lovely blog...
Regards, TW

sally-ann said...

Hi TW,

Many thanks for the comments on my blog. Yes the playground is still enjoyed by all the kids and the Council didn't remove the roof!! In fact when it lost a few tiles they sent someone to repair it! Captain Greenslade is still very much alive bless him - he's such a sweetie. We had a big event in the village this weekend and he was at the harbour watching it all.


Anonymous said...

That's good to know--about Capt. Greenslade. I'm glad he keeps involved in community activities. Please pass along my regards; he has made some fans in the U.S. Thanks for posting the photos. While researching Portreath, I was horrified to read about a fishing boat accident in which 3 of Portreath sons were lost, including one David Greenslade. What I missed initially was that it was an extract from a 1915 news article!!

Regards from a Marylander

sally-ann said...

Hi Anon from Maryland,
I spoke to Capt. Greenslade yesterday and told him that people from America were asking after him - he couldn't understand it! If you checkout 'Bicentenary Exhibition' for 8th August on my blog you'll see the photo I took of him with the ship he was on.