Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Grave Hunting!

We began the day at Chard hoping that maybe we'd be lucky and find Edward's grave. St Mary's Church is lovely but there were very few graves around it.

We guessed that there must be a local cemetery nearby and it was on the list of jobs to do when we could get online on the laptop. So it was back to the RV and we decided to go looking for another side of the family as the Bennetts had also originated in the Chard area. So the next stop was Churchstanton church where once again we were unlucky.

We moved on to Churchinford to find the York Inn as Mark Bennett (Mike's 2nd great grandfather) was an apprentice carpenter and living in a cottage in the row next to the pub on the 1861 census. Our luck changed and as we came into the village the pub was still there ...

complete with the cottages next to it ...

As we drove past the cottages we noticed that the cottage was currently being used by a carpenter - amazing!

After lunch it was the turn of Colyton Church - and the sun came out!

Once again there were very few graves but we were told by a local chap that there was a large cemetery on the Sidmouth Road so we moved the RV up to it and had a wander around. We found a few Hoare graves but haven't been able to link them to the family as yet. It was now time to get back to the campsite - there are only so many graves you can look at in a day!

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