Thursday, 7 August 2008

Excitement on the Sea

The day began with a visit to Tatworth Church which was another possible place for Edward Hoare's grave.

Once again no luck but we did find a Thomas Bennett!

Highly unlikely to be one of ours - but you never know!

From here we moved on to Musbury Church which was quite elusive! We've driven through Musbury so many times and never spotted the church so we had to ask a local where to find it. There was a load of scaffolding set up and men were very busy working on it so didn't take a photo but found another Hoare ...

again not sure if he is connected at the moment.

Lunchtime was fast approaching so we went back to Seaton where we could use the laptop to check emails and then we heard a helicopter above us.

It appears that a boat had turned over and there were two men in the water who needed rescuing.

The helicopter picked up one of them and the RNLI boat picked up the other.

We went for a walk up to the harbour entrance and got this photo of the boat which was slowly being stranded on the beach as the tide went out ...

After leaving the beach we drove back to the campsite via Lyme Regis. It's not the easiest of places to drive through in an RV and almost impossible to find a parking space but we just kept on moving through and it was nice and sunny which made a change!

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