Thursday, 28 August 2008

Football and a Party

It was footie day today because Tesco had been advertising a Skills Roadshow and they were coming to our local branch at Redruth. The boys got dressed in their kit and Ellie went along because she had to! Who had as much fun as the boys? Yes - Ellie!

In the evening we had a 'bit of a do' as all the family were in Cornwall and it is a 'special' year for me. With my birthday being in November we're not sure how many of them can get back down, so adding a few friends to the numbers we had an enjoyable evening. The boys sorted all the food for me which was just great!

Someone was tucking in!

I felt quite a fraud when they all sang Happy Birthday but the cake was good!

At the end of the evening we all went out on the veranda and Mike and Simon lit a lantern and set it off from the head of the harbour.

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Joanne said...

Well thanks for that - Makes me look even more of a gannet seeing me eating loads of food there!