Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Third Time Lucky!

I’m really fed up with cameras.  I was so pleased with my new Olympus VR-310 until the third time I used it and connected it to my laptop to get the photos downloaded.  When I went to disconnect it the laptop wouldn’t let me do a safe remove.  I turned the laptop off and then removed the cable only to find when I turned the camera on again that it had reverted to Chinese writing and there was no way I could get it back to English.  I also had the shutter stuck out and a blank screen – not good.  I’d bought it from Boots.com so took it back to Camborne Boots where a lady was most helpful and got a replacement one ordered while I waited.  It arrived the next day which I thought was brilliant service – no complaints there – and I must admit I was a bit nervous of using it!  The photos taken at Tehidy were on the second camera and I put off downloading them when I got home but had to take the plunge and see what happened.  This time the laptop didn’t recognise the new software of the camera and so once again I couldn’t do a safe remove.  After chatting with Jo we decided the only thing I could do was pull the plug and hope for the best.  Well you can guess can’t you?  Yes we were back to Chinese writing again.  The next morning I rang Boots.com and explained what was happening.  As it was a replacement one they said I had to have a refund which suited me fine as I was not a happy bunny.  We popped it into Redruth Boots and they organised the refund and return of the camera.

So now I had to make a decision.  Did I order the same camera again or choose another model?  I really liked this model and the bonus was that it used the same battery as I had for my old camera.  So I ordered a black one this time instead of silver and bought it from Tesco.com for a change.  I’ve got a card reader and so I’m not going to link it up to my laptop.  I can charge the battery with my old charger or use the plug and cable provided for the battery to charge in the camera.

Mike and I went for a walk along the Tramway today and I took some close-up photos of the flowers in bloom along the way.


We turned round and headed back …


The card reader was used and thankfully I still have a camera with English instructions on it!  No laptop was used in the production of these photos!!


PamelaB said...

Lovely close-ups, will keep my fingers crossed that this one will be O.K.

Jo Anne said...

Ha Fab! I knew that it would work if you did it that way.... Phew! Great piccie BTW x