Monday, 16 April 2012

The Start of our Trip to Norfolk

Well the day has finally arrived when I start the momentous journey (for me!) to Norfolk.  With Mike having lost the sight in his right eye and me now doing all the driving, then I need to get us there by driving the motorhome.  I’ve driven it from storage to Portreath garage for its MOT and I took it to fill with fuel but  the thought of motorways, lorries and cruise control was filling me with dread!  Paul very kindly drove it down and parked it in the cul de sac behind our house at the end of last week but this morning it was down to me to manoeuvre it out and hit the road!

We set off at ten o’clock and once on the A30 I began to relax.  Mike turned the cruise control on for me and it was great!  We cruised along at 60mph and I just had to cut it when I wanted to take over – all very easy.  We pulled into Sourton Services for a coffee and for me to suddenly realise just what I had accomplished. 

We moved on, topped up with fuel at Honiton and stopped for lunch in a lay-by.  Then it was just a short hop to Five Acres Caravan Club Site which is our first overnight stop.  We pulled into the site at two o’clock and after pitching up it was kettle on and a much needed cup of tea!



jordiegirl said...

Well done - it will get easier the more you do the driving then you'll wonder why you were worried.

Sorry to hear about Mike losing his sight in one eye - I hadn't realised.

Sage said...

Congratulations Sally, that is a fair achievement.. so sorry to hear that Mike lost his sight in one eye I wasn't expecting that.

Have a great holiday, will hope to see you both when you get back xx

Jo Anne said...

So proud of you! I know I keep sayong it, but I am!