Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Five Acres to Devizes

We woke this morning to sunshine which seemed like a miracle after the night we’d endured.  The wind had blown so hard that it rocked the van and then the rain hammered down to add to the noise outside.  I’d checked on the AA Route Finder to see how long it should take to get to the campsite at Devizes and it gave the journey time as an hour and a half.  We left Five Acres at 10.15am and stopped for a coffee after I‘d been driving just over an hour.  I was on the A350 which took me through Westbury which I was dreading as it’s very twisty, narrow and always full of lorries but we sailed through with no problems – phew!  Then it was a short drive to the site where we checked in.  I asked for a nice easy pitch to park on and the warden took us to a lovely one where I could just drive straight in – perfect!!  After connecting up the electrics I left Mike in the van while I took Hamish for a stroll in the dog walk.  It was amazing how far behind Cornwall Wiltshire is with regards to blossom on the trees.  There were a few trees in bloom but most were only in bud.  With the sun shining we had lunch and then sat outside until it began to get darker when we moved inside.  The heavens opened and then the sun came out again – typical April weather.  


Luckily when it was time for Hamish’s evening walk the sun came out.  We set off along the towpath where several boats were moored.  


There were some Canada Geese in the field opposite and I think this one was possibly sitting on a nest …


On the way back we could see the campsite through the trees …


and then I took  this photo of the evening sun on the canal …


I must admit it’s a favourite of mine!

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jordiegirl said...

That last photo is absolutely gorgeous - saw it on Facebook too.

The trees are full of blossom around here in Worcestershire.