Monday, 1 October 2012

What a Lovely Surprise!

We had a phone call from Pam on Sunday to tell us that her brother was on his way to Cornwall in his motorhome.  Not so unusual you might think but Neville very nearly lost his life a couple of years ago in an accident while on his classic motorbike.  He was in intensive care and he was very lucky to be alive let alone driving himself from Sussex to Cornwall!  It was fantastic news as nobody had seen him and we knew he’d had a very tough time getting mobile again.

Well we needn’t have worried because he looked great …


He had booked himself into the campsite at Cambrose that the family use when camping in the summer and this morning we popped in to see him.  His motorhome is an automatic Compass Navigator with a modification on the steering wheel as he only has the use of one arm.  His body is full of metal plates and pins and he is a walking miracle!  It was lovely to see him and catch up with all his news …


Unfortunately he had to leave on Tuesday but just seeing him has put our minds at rest that he really is okay.  Come back soon please Uncle Neville!!

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jordiegirl said...

Wow, he's amazing Sally-Ann - well done to him for doing so well.