Monday, 23 August 2010

Hospital and a Helicopter

Mike had an appointment at Treliske today and so we went in early to visit Pam before he had to be at Dermatology. She was in a side room and seemed to be very bright and hopeful that she'd be allowed home tomorrow. After all the tests they thought that she'd had a viral infection but I don't think they were too sure what the problem was!

After leaving her we walked to the other building and as we got near the helipad the helicopter started its engine and took off ...

Mike saw Dr Campbell who was amazed at the job on his eyes and reduced his tablets which was great news - no more steroids!


jordiegirl said...

Just been catching up on all your posts that I have missed recently.

Pleased Mike's eye op went well.

Hope Pam is soon back home and feeling better.

Looks like everyone had a great day and the Raft Race looked like fun.

Will pop back again soon.

sally-ann said...

Thanks for stopping by. Pam came home on the Tuesday as she hoped and she's much better now.

Margaret said...

Sally Ann,
Thanks for keeping me updated on Cornwall 'doings' - Jo's been a bit remiss lately & I need my Cornwall fix being so far away from the family! Jo assures me you'll know who I am if I leave a comment!!
Glad to hear Mike's doing ok and I hope Pam is soon well again. Best wishes Margaret

sally-ann said...

Hi Margaret, Yes I know who you are!! I'll have to speak to Jo and get her blogging again but I know she's been very busy designing cards. Pam is much better now thanks x