Thursday, 5 August 2010

He's Home from Hospital!

Jamie took the afternoon off work today and came home lunchtime to pick me up. We then shot off down to London with a route plan in my hand hoping that we could find our way to the hospital. All was going so well until we reached Hampstead where there was a road closed and we had to follow the diversion. We carried on and when I saw Kings Cross I began to recognise the road as the one we'd been on in the taxi. Mike was standing outside the hospital so we peeped and waved as we passed him. We then turned at the roundabout and stopped for a couple of seconds so he could climb aboard. Trying to stop outside is very difficult as it is double red lines apart from a small loading bay and any side road takes you into the congestion zone. Not the ideal place for a busy hospital! So retracing our route we managed to eventually find another way back other than taking the diversion and in no time at all we hit the M1 and were back in Luton. We now have two weeks of eye drops to do every two hours and antibiotics every four hours but if Mike's eyes are sorted then it's worth all the effort.

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