Thursday, 12 August 2010

First Hospital Check

I can't believe that it is a week since Mike was discharged from Moorfields and so today we were back on a train and heading for the hospital for his first check-up. We'd planned to get the 08.12 fast train to London and so as we went through the barrier I asked which platform for London trains. We were sent to number 1 and waited only to hear over the tannoy that the next train approaching platform 3 was the 08.12 train for St Pancras! Good start to the day! Never mind we'd allowed ourselves plenty of time and got on the 08.14 train which made just two stops. London at that time in the morning was heaving and the taxi struggled to get away from the station but eventually it pulled up at the hospital and we made our way to Clinic 4. We hadn't been sitting more than ten minutes and the fire alarm went off. Everyone just sat there - nobody moved! A nurse started waving her hands and telling us all to make our way outside. We all traipsed through A&E and out onto the road at the side of Moorfields. A fire engine arrived and I naturally had my camera to hand!

As we stood waiting I noticed that Mike's surgeon, Mr Verity, was standing in front of us looking very smart in his suit - we'd be seeing him later ...

We must have stood there for at least 20 minutes and then were allowed back in. Well we hadn't been back more than five minutes and once again a fire alarm started but this time it was an intermittent noise. A nurse had to shout above the din and told us that it was okay to stay put this time as intermittent meant another section of the hospital was being evacuated. We all sat there with fingers in our ears as it was a terrible noise and seemed to go on forever. There was a big round of applause as the noise stopped and then we were called in.

Mr Dart, Mike's Consultant, was very pleased with him but wanted to give him some ointment as well as the eye drops in the hopes that he would heal a little bit quicker. We then accompanied him downstairs to Clinic 15 where Mr Verity was working and they had a little chat about Mike. Mr Verity was very pleased with his handiwork and agreed with the ointment suggestion. He took out a couple of little stitches which he thought might be irritating his eye and then it was all over and we made our way to the Pharmacy to get his prescription made up. He's got to go back in one week's time which means a flight up from Cornwall but it's essential that they keep a watch over him and make sure that all is progressing well before handing over to our local hospital at Truro. The return journey was quite uneventful thank goodness and we were back in Luton by two o'clock.

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