Saturday, 10 April 2010

£7000 to a Quarter of a Million!

Whilst looking at property for sale the other day I happened to check on Gweek and found that our cottage that we'd bought back in the 1970's was on the market.

The story begins here: Mike was teaching at a boarding school and we were living in a school house so we decided that we really ought to get on the property market. During a holiday in Cornwall with his parents I was glancing at property in the West Briton and noticed that there were two cottages next door to each other and being sold by the same chap in the village of Gweek. One was a small two up, two down cottage and the other was a three bedroom family home. To cut a long story short we ended up buying the small one and Mike's parents bought the larger one. Now back then £7000 on a teacher's salary was quite hard to do but we managed to get the mortgage and hence began our regular holidays in Cornwall.

This was the cottage when we first saw it in 1974 ...

Each holiday we'd have a project to do like new windows one year and a new kitchen another. This was how it looked after just one year's work ...

The lobster pot was acquired for the price of a pint and the oars were bought at an auction in Penzance. Over the years we worked really hard and the kids helped where they could.

We visited Gweek on an MX-5 drive a couple of years ago and took a walk to look at it. I was amazed that the same blind was in the kitchen window and everything looked just the same inside. We understood that it had been a holiday let since we'd sold it but it has now been transformed inside and is on the market for just under a quarter of a million!

Basically though it is still just a two up and two down cottage so I wonder who will pay so much for so little.


Chris said...

Oh happy memories :-) I seem to remember spending my honeymoon somewhere just like it ha!

sally-ann said...

I think if I had a look through the albums I could find a photo or two of you both standing outside!