Sunday, 13 July 2008

Home Again

Well it's been a momentous few days!

We've taken the plunge and bought a boat which we've had to leave at least 400 miles away and with no definite date of when she'll be brought to Cornwall. Mad or what? We don't care! It is a dream come true for us and we can't wait to bring her home and start the restoration work on her.

The only thing left to do now was to let the Cornwall MX-5ers know that we'd have to give up the job of Area Coordinators as we want to spend as much time as possible working on Crocus when she arrives. We sent out an email to everyone informing them that we would be resigning our positions at the Cornwall AGM in September. Later on in the evening we had a couple of lovely emails from members thanking us for our work for the Club and understanding how we wanted to move on to a new project.

The start of a new era ...

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