Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Heading for Norfolk

We woke this morning to torrential rain just as the forecasters had predicted.

Mike had promised John that he would pop down to Epiphany and give him a lesson on splicing before we left for Norfolk. He was a very able student!

As the weather was so foul we decided to avoid motorways as much as possible although we did go on the M4 for a couple of junctions and also the M40 for just the one junction. I hate motorways in bad weather as people will not slow down despite terrible conditions.

This is us crossing the River Cam ...

We had a good trip and in fact it was 20 miles shorter than the last time when we took motorways all the way! We arrived and set up camp back at the Norwich Camping and Caravanning Club site where we had stayed just a month ago.

If you want to follow our travels you'll have to check our Broadland Holidays blog for a couple of days.

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