Friday, 4 July 2008

Dry Start to the Weekend

Well it started off okay but steadily deteriorated!

We set off late morning for Powderham Castle near Exeter as it was the 35th Historic Vehicle Gathering organised by Crash Box and Classic Car Club ...

The MX-5 Club (Cornwall) had a Stand there and we had 19 cars booked to arrive over the weekend plus one from the SW Area who was due to join us on Saturday. We'd already decided to go up in the motorhome as there were so many things to take like gazebo, banner, pop-up, flag etc and boy did we thank our lucky stars!! We would normally have gone in the 5 with a tent. Anyway, it was all looking good when we arrived. We found a spot to set up camp making sure we had enough room for the two other tents who would be joining us and we pitched our stores tent and filled it with all the stuff for the Stand. We then waited for Jo and Paul to arrive as they were travelling up after work. It had already started to rain! After a cuppa they decided that they had to brave the weather and get their tent erected. Unfortunately I omitted to take any photos of them as they gradually got wetter and wetter - big mistake - although I think Jo was quite pleased that I couldn't embarrass her by showing her as a 'drowned rat'! We looked after Fred for them while they struggled in the wind and the rain ...

We all got together in the motorhome afterwards and had a meal before retiring quite early.

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