Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Some Get it Very Wrong and Some Get it Right!

We’ve had two visiting yachts so far this summer.  The first one, “Kynance”,  I just happened to spot as I looked out and saw a mast.  With all the boats in the harbour being fishing boats then a mast is decidedly unusual and required some investigation.  Hamish was thrilled to have his harness and lead produced and we walked around to take a look.  Apparently there were some very embarrassed sailors keeping well hidden in their cabin as people came to see them and to try and help.  They emerged eventually and ropes were used to attach them.


When I walked Hamish the next day the yacht had sailed on the morning tide and I was subsequently told that it was heading for St Ives.

The second yacht had obviously got it just right as it was moored up next to one of our fishing boats.


The “Tir an Og” also sailed off on the next morning tide and disappeared.

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