Thursday, 25 July 2013

Boat Trip and Beach

Paul’s sister Karen and her husband are down in Cornwall for a few days and I was invited along for the boat trip up the Fal.  We drove into Falmouth and parked at the Quarry, made our way down to Prince of Wales Pier, bought pasties for lunch and sat on the pier eating them.  The weather was fantastic and it was soon time to board the Western Endeavour. 


The tide was really low and on previous trips there had always been more water.  It was interesting to see the river with mud on either side of us.


We got right up to Malpas where we turned around with only about two feet of water beneath us! 

When we were almost back to our mooring we saw a massive yacht which is owned by Roger Taylor the drummer with Queen …


Someone was waving to us from a window – maybe it was Roger!!!

Later on they all came down to Portreath beach where Jo and Karen braved the water …


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