Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Snow in Luton

One of the bonuses of our stay in Luton is that we enjoyed some snow.  When you live in Cornwall and very rarely see the white stuff it’s amazing how exciting it is to have it falling and laying!  Hamish loved it and went sniffing about to see who else had been out walking on ‘his patch’.

Simon came up to visit his dad on the Sunday after his op and by the end of the day the snow was falling and beginning to lay.  He left early just in case he had a bad drive home but he said it disappeared the further down the M1 that he went.


Jamie and Phill had been out for the day at Grace’s first birthday party and by the time they got home it was really laying.  Phill put the lights on in their front garden so we could take  photos – very pretty!


By the following morning it was beautiful.  Photos from our bedroom window - spot the white dog in the snow …



It lasted a few days and I took these pix of the boys in the garden …


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