Saturday, 9 February 2013

Mike’s Operation on his Left Eye

The last time Mike had a check-up at Moorfields Eye Hospital, London they decided that he needed an operation on his left eye asap.  We were given the date of 8th Feb and so on Sunday 3rd Feb Simon came down to Cornwall to collect us and take us to Jamie’s house in Luton.  Hamish made himself comfortable on the back seat in his bed …


Jamie had managed to get the operation day off work and so we all got the train to London and checked in at McKellar Ward.  After all questions were answered and checks made, Mike was taken down early and Jamie got ‘gowned up’ to accompany him …


Mike was in theatre for ages and so Jamie and I got chatting with a lovely couple who were seated at the bed next to us.  We ended up by exchanging mobile numbers and have kept in touch.  Once we heard he was out of recovery and on the ward we made our way down to find him.  Poor love he was totally blind as his right eye has no sight and his left was smothered in padding and plaster …


We fed him some jelly and gave him a drink of water.  His mouth was sore as the donor graft for his eye had been taken from his mouth hence no hot drinks or solid food tonight.


We left him to sleep off the anaesthetic and then the next day we went back to collect him.

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