Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Fish & Chips in Porthleven

The day began by collecting Pam and taking her to Barncoose Hospital for an appointment at 11 o’clock.  Most people take one or maybe two people with them but Pam had an entourage of eight!!  After she’d seen the specialist we piled back into the two cars and set off for Portleven.

A couple of years ago we’d taken Pam for a fish and chip lunch and when we suggested it for this year she was over the moon.  We parked on the harbour and with Pam on her scooter we walked round to the grass area to find a bench.  Mike, Simon and I then took orders and went to The Top Chippy, the same fish and chip shop that we’d used two years ago.  When we mentioned it to the owners they said it was exactly two years since they’d opened and we said we remembered the good luck cards and flowers that they had for their new venture.  We delivered the food and sat and enjoyed it …


After lunch we went for a stroll around the harbour looking at Henry parked on the other side …

Porthleven 2Porthleven 1Porthleven 5Porthleven 8Porthleven 10Porthleven 9

We then drove home, delivered Pam and the kids got changed for the beach.

P8080134 (2)P8080135 (2)P8080141 (2)P8080144

The surfers had company in the water today – a seal …

P8080140 (2)

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