Friday, 10 August 2012

Coffee and Shopping in Falmouth

No holiday in Cornwall is complete without a trip to Trago Mills! We all found a few necessary items and then we headed to the Watersports Centre for coffee and an early lunch. 


When we got back to the cars the Mini had a ticket attached!!  Apparently the machine has a problem with some coins and although it took our £2.20 it had only registered £2.10 and so there was just one hour on one of the tickets and two hours on the other.  We spoke to the Armtrac lady who understood our problem but couldn’t help us.  Thankfully upon returning home we managed to sort it out and no fine had to be paid as it wasn’t our fault.  Beware any visitors!  If you park on the Maritime Museum Car Park then do check your ticket and make sure it has printed the length of time that you want.


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