Monday, 23 July 2012

One Night near Bude

After a few days back home when Jo and Paul had visitors, we’re back on the road again for a week at a site near Bude.  I’m not going to name it for reasons which will become obvious but needless to say it wasn’t the best experience of a site that we’ve ever had!

I had to drive the motorhome through Launceston which was the start of the nightmare and then we met large lorries on narrow roads before finally arriving and checking into the site.  Jo and Paul had got there first and chosen our pitches so in no time we were parked up and began to sort things out.  Jamie rang me and my mobile kept losing signal then we tried to get the television to work – no signal at all!!!  Bearing in mind we were booked here for a week and it was the start of London 2012 on Friday night, I was NOT happy!  The reviews we’d seen of the site were all good and there’d been no mention of a lack of signal.  We decided to make the best of it for now but we’d be cutting our losses and going home on Friday so that we could watch the Opening Ceremony.



We woke the next morning to beautiful weather …


but on my way to the showers Jo warned me to be careful when setting the water temperature as it appeared to be very difficult to regulate.  This was an understatement!!  I never managed to get anything other than scorching hot or freezing cold and so never did get a shower!  I’m afraid this was the last straw and I told Jo I wasn’t at all happy to be here until Friday with no showers.  She totally agreed and so after talking with Paul we rang the C&C Umberleigh site to see if they could fit us in.  The site manager, Carol, bent over backwards to help us and she managed to sort out two pitches close together.  We were so grateful and relieved that we could leave this site and go to one which we knew would have showers that worked and a tv signal!

We set about packing up, which for them meant taking down an awning which had only gone up the night before!  The dogs lazed in the sunshine …


Jo and I went to the office to tell them we’d be leaving and don’t ask how but we managed to get some money back!!  We told them we had to call into Bude but would be off-site by lunch-time.  I’d promised Pam that we’d take some photos of Bude canal which is somewhere she would love to visit having done a watercolour of a boat there.

Bude CanalP7240007P7240008P7240040P7240013P7240014P7240017P7240021P7240022P7240025P7240027P7240028

Walking back along the canal we saw an entrance to the Castle and so went to have a look …


The perfect place for a timed photo!  Jamie would be so proud of us!


Leaving the Castle behind we noticed the Bude Light which required a ‘Harry Worth’ photo!  I’m showing my age here!!


We just had time to stop at ‘Fudgie Wudgy Cupcakey’ for a coffee and cupcake – they were yummy – and the boys had a very welcome drink!


then it was time to get back to the car and move on!

The drive to Umberleigh was eventful as I tried hard to keep up with Paul.  After scaring myself on a bend I decided that I’d go at my speed and I found Jo and Paul waiting in a lay-by for me.  We soon arrived at the campsite, checked in and found our pitches. 


After setting up I couldn’t wait to get a lovely hot shower.  Bliss!!!!

We had arrived on the night that the fish and chip van called at the site.  Jo and I went down to buy supper and then we all ate in their awning.  The perfect end to the day.


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